Highlands Reserve

In the constant search for excellence in coffee production, Fazendas Dutra, in partnership with Amarella, grow coffee in special places, at the highest points of our farms reserved to Amarella customers. All this relevant care contributed to the production of unique coffees and small batches, the lot of coffee we call: Amarella Highlands Reserve by Fazendas Dutra, a continuous series of our rarest and most exotic coffees.

Single Estate Coffee

The factors that make a coffee unique are many, some require a huge amount of time and dedication to be discovered, but when we reach that knowledge we apply and improve it so that we can share our passion with coffee lovers.


The specificities of coffee flavor result, among other factors, from specific cultivation conditions, such as soil, temperature, elevation, rain and sunlight, as well as drying, roasting, grinding and preparation.


Amarella Highlands Reserve lot coffee is grown in the mountains of the Matas de Minas region, in Brazil, reaching an altitude of up to 1350 meters, in a soil rich in nutrients, repeatedly verified, with the production being closely monitored by the most experienced cultivation professionals at Fazendas Dutra.

Amarella Highlands Reserve

Fazendas Dutra and Amarella share the same passion and have been partners for over 15 years, growing and bringing specialty coffees straight from the farms to the world. All lots have their own identity and are produced exclusively to Amarella.


Amarella Highlands Reserve lots are carefully monitored in all processes and developed in partnership with Dr. Steffen Schwarz (Amarella) and Ednilson and Walter (Fazendas Dutra).

  • Customization
  • Premium Quality
  • Unique Flavors
Family Partnership Work

The lasting partnership of Walter and Ednilson, from Fazendas Dutra, with Steffen and Sandra, from Amarella, is a consequence of friendship, trust and information sharing in the development of innovative processes, such as: long-term storage for differentiated lots, customization of coffee bags containing 30 kg of beans and improvements in production processes. Finally, it was proved how valuable and essential it is to work together in family farming.


Over the years, Amarella has provided direct contact between professionals from Dutra Farms and roasting specialists. They stayed at Fazenda Água Limpa and visited the other farms for several days, in order to learn about the coffee growing, production and processing process and to share new techniques.

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