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Fazenda Dutra is a family run farm focused on growing sustainable coffee since 1950. The family patriarch José Dutra Sobrinho started the farm with one hectare, buying a second, third and more hectares from the farm’s profits always working together with nature.  Today, the family business is a reference in sustainable farming practices.



Produce high quality coffee every year requires knowledge, innovation, technology and people who have passion for what they do . Our quality is connected with our cultivars, growing altitude, climate, soil chemistry, harvesting and processing conditions, drying method, storage conditions.


Our Ecofriendly Coffee Plantations house a wealth of biodiversity because the entire stretch of coffee forests support different specialized habitats, both micro and macro for all types of flora and fauna. In our crops it is common to find a wide variety of plants, animals, insects and birds.

Coffee KOC (Korean Organic Certification)
Osvaldina Alves Dutra - Women's Coffee
Family Farm

Osvaldina Dutra has worked with coffee her entire life. She knows the importance of coffee quality and the fundamental role that agriculture and processing play in the entire process. For many years she has sought ways to improve the quality of her coffee and in the process has adopted better production processes on the farm. Her two sons, Ednilson and Walter, are entirely involved in the family’s business, both in administration and in the field. 


Member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), Osvaldina was one of the international winners in the Cup of Excellence 2020.

Sustainability - Low Carbon Emission

The Photovoltaic Solar Plant of Dutra’s Farm in Minas Gerais has the generation capacity of electrical energy of 276.000KWh by year. This energy would be enough to supply the electrical energy of 92 houses (with medium consume of 250KWH/month).


The environmental benefits are expressive, such as 192 tons of CO2 that was not emitted to the atmosphere by thermoelectric plants or either almost 2 billion liters of water that were economized in hydroelectric plants.


It would be necessary about 4952 trees in adult age to save the same amount of CO2 in atmosphere as this Photovoltaic Solar Plant saves. That resources provide enough energy to meet our needs—to power the farm every day. We are thinking in the future producing clean energy, meaning less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.

Photovoltaic Solar Plant of Dutra’s Farm
Direct Trade

Direct Trade is about building lasting relationships that create maximum mutual benefit. In this model, you are buying direct from the farm and connecting roasters to producers.


While Fair Trade is an important system, and there are many ethical importers, direct relationships truly allow for full transparency between buyers and sellers. Roasters see firsthand the growing and working conditions at Fazendas Dutra, in this way you can be sure we are supporting sustainable and ethical practices.


These relationships open up the lines of communication, allowing both buyer and seller to understand each other’s costs and agree on a price that reflects those realities. That translates into better prices for producers, and higher quality coffee for roasters. These coffees come in at competitive prices and they’re totally worth it.


Fazendas Dutra (São João do Manhuaçu-MG)
Córrego Caratinga, Zona Rural, 100

Postal Code: 36918-000 – Brazil


Fazendas Dutra (Caputira-MG) Office
Rua José Roberto, Fazenda Santa Helena, SN, Centro

Postal Code: 36925-000 – Brazil

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Offer List Subscription
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